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Sewer Video Inspection Services

Sewer Video Inspection Offered By a Local Plumbing.
The last thing any home owner never thinks about is the sewer backups that can flood your home with raw sewage and can cause water and sewage damage in, walls, crawl spaces, basements or to your home or business. In this situation you should only rely on Plumbing Patrol ® of the real Plumber. The Sewer line backups can have many causes. One source is tree roots in the line. Sometimes the pipes may have belly or settled, been crushed, punctured or broken, or even become disjointed. In other instances, construction debris or improper installation can cause a backup.

Tomorrows Plumbers use Today's See Through Technology
Plumbing Patrol ® of uses a video sewer inspection to diagnose the cause of a sewer line blockage.
A flexible fiber optic video camera is pushed through the sewer line, in most cases using the cleanout access, and can also record the sewer line video inspection.
In this way the expert from Plumbing Patrol ® of can review and determine the best way to correct the problem.

The Process
A video camera is a small camera that uses infrared, lighting to illumine the inside of a sewer pipe. It contains a small transmitter. The Color or B/W video camera is attached to the end of a sewer cable, just like the radio transmitter. The camera is pushed down the drain or sewer line. A Plumbing Patrol ® technician receives the closed circuit live picture and views it on a video monitor as the picture records to a videotape, DVD or a flash drive. The camera also sends a signal to the receiver held by the Plumbing Patrol ® technician. This allows the technician to know where the camera is and how deep it is. Therefore, the camera locates the actual break so you know where to excavate. Plumbing Patrol ® Sewer Vide Inspection does the following:
  locates a break in a drain line
  identifies the location of a drain line
  visually identifies a break
  confirms the present condition of the line
  provides you with a videotape of your sewer
  *New - uploaded to YouTube for your convenience

The Benefits and Solution
The Sewer Video Camera allows you to actually see the interior condition of the drain line. It also lets you see the material the drain line is made from. The plumbers at Plumbing Patrol ® can tell if the problem with your drain line is in a specific location, or if the whole line or a portion of the line needs replacing. If there is a break in the line, the sewer camera not only confirms the location of the break but allows you to see the nature of the break, as well. The sewer camera can also be used to visually inspect the condition of a sewer line when planning to connect another sewer into the line. It can also be used for pre-house sales or whenever the need arises to confirm that a sewer is in good condition.

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