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Trenchless (Pipe Bursting) pipe replacement.
Trenchless or Pipe Bursting technology for the replacement of underground pipe especially sewer, water and gas is not new, and the standard equipment and methods generally used are well known. Pipe bursting has been used successfully in both municipal and industrial applications to replace many different types of pipelines. Gas, water, sewer, and production lines, as well as communication ducts have all been replaced with Pipe bursting, even in crowded underground situations. Experience has shown that the planned operation of pipe bursting heads does not damage other buried utilities, even when they are only a few feet away. The surrounding soil serves to absorb the vibrations created by pneumatic heads, and pipe fragments are pushed far enough away to prevent damage to the new pipe. And, since most pipelines are below the frost line, Pipe bursting operations can be carried out safely at any time of the year.

Why Trenchless.
Since digging is limited to relatively small access pits, Pipe bursting is much less traumatic than traditional pipeline replacement Long sections of pipe can be replaced without introducing open trenches and heavy equipment.

And, since the old pipe is left undisturbed underground, it does not present a disposal problem.

How Trenchless Sewer Lines work.
Plumbing Patrol ® of uses the no dig technology called “ Pipe Bursting” or “ Trenchless” and to date we are the only contractor in the area offering this process at a very affordable rate. The system works by digging two small holes, one where the sewer exits the building property and the other at either the property line or in the street where it connects to the mainline or the main city lateral. A steel cable is then passed through the old sewer pipe and a hardened steel bursting head that have 3 blades on it is attached to one end of the cable. The new pipe (with a 200 year life expectancy) is then attached to the back of the bursting head. At the other end a special hydraulic system is set up which pulls the cable. Once the system has been set up and calibrated, the operator uses a remote control to operate the hydraulic pump. When the ramp goes up it "pulls" the cable and the pipe bursting head breaks the old pipe and keeps feeding the new pipe in. As it pulls the new pipe through the old pipe, it breaks and splits the old pipe, pushing the pieces out into the surrounding soil. Once the new pipe is pulled into place, it is connected with the city sewer and the house drain at each small hole, then it is inspected and the holes are filled in. The result is an efficient, cost effective solution with low impact on the environment. The Plumbing Patrol ® of is the only company that does most of the Trenchless in one day.
Trenchless Water and Gas Line Replacement:
The Plumbing Patrol ® of uses the technology called "Directional Boring" to replace the water and gas lines. The system works by digging a small hole at the water meter located near the street and the other small whole by the property side where the water main goes in the property. The Boring head is then placed in the city side hole and it starts boring towards the property. A transmitter located in the boring head enables the operator to gauge direction and depth which allows the operator to steer the head to the desired location (up to 300 feet without breaking the surface). Once the bore is successfully done from the meter to the home, the new water service (WIRSBO AquaPex) or gas service (SDR Poly Ethylene) pipe is attached to the boring head and the operator begins pulling the new pipe back through the hole just bored. The new service is then connected at both ends, an inspection is performed and the small hole at the meter and the property side is filled in. The result is an efficient, cost effective solution with low impact on the environment. The Plumbing Patrol ® of is the only company that does most of the Trenchless in one day.
The Cost
The Trenchless Water and Gas Line Replacement technology that Plumbing Patrol ® offers is less cost effective and is very affordable.
Most of the jobs are done in one day with our keeping you interrupted.
At Plumbing Patrol ® of our goal is to keep your property connected with the main utilities at all time especially when we are performing any Trenchless job.

The trenchless sewer ,water or gas line replacement is not messy like the old traditional ways where contractors use to dig the whole lawn and take 10 days to do same job that we do mostly in one day with no mess GUARANTEED.
The Trenchless technology and Plumbing Patrol ® of is a winning combination
for all of your pipe replacement needs.
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